Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hello, I'm Cameron. This is my blog. I come to this space as an artist. I would like to invite viewers to see some of my work here, and I will discuss a little about it.

I am a painter, drawer and a photographer - in no particular order. That said, currently I am amassing a body of new photographic work. My creative output has been focussed on photography for the last five years. In that time I have also been drawing, but not as much as I would like.

I studied art at the South Australian School of Art, here in Adelaide, majoring in Photography in 1985. This is what I came back to five years ago after a long break where I did a lot of painting. I ran a self titled business painting murals; mainly in the tromp l'oeil manner. I will endeavour to present some of that work here too. In amongst that, I have done botanical and food drawings nearly always in colour pencil. (I love colour pencils!)

I have been lucky enough to sell my work whenever I have a show. The image, above right ('water', digital photograph 2007)
is from my last exhibition, 'Elemental', at Zest Cafe Gallery (Glenelg, SA) - Oct 31 to Dec 15 2007. I have sold two copies of that image so far, plus eight others. (all in editions of 25)

The image to the left is one of my larger pencil drawings from an exhibition I had at The Adelaide Botanic Gardens in 1997. (Hibiscus & Lilly, colour pencil, 1997). These were all life size drawings made from live plant material, both from the Gardens, and sources around Adelaide.

I currently run a cafe at Glenelg, SA with my partner of ten years, David Nancarrow. We run exhibitions here at Zest Cafe Gallery all year round, providing good food and coffee in a creative environment. If you live in, or are visiting Adelaide, please come and see us!

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Dors said...

Your work is so beautiful.

This is my first visit to your web.. I will visit regular to see what is new.

I love the hand... so realistic. Your artwork looks like photographs.